Monday, August 08, 2022

Touro Synagogue (in Newport, RI)

The weather decided to cooperate, much to our pleasant surprise, so we were able to go on a tour of Jewish Colonial Newport after all.  Rhode Island was a haven for religious freedom in colonial times, though Jews couldn't be citizens.  But they certainly could be wealthy merchants, and some of them were.  Some of the Jewish homes were quite extravagant.  The Jewish community of colonial times in Newport was Sefardi, as was and is the Touro Synagogue, which we toured next.  Here are some photos.

Exterior of synagogue, and "annex" across the street.  The "annex," where Kiddush is held, was actually moved from another location when it was in danger of being demolished.

 Interior, with our tour group

Interior, from the back

Interior, in the back near the entrance.  That's my husband in the "duckbill" mask.  :)


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